Thomas Loves Books

When everyday life turns gray, I dive between the pages of a beautiful book. There is nothing better than my parallel universe. And sometimes I don't want to come back. Books are a terrible addiction, right? For many years now I’ve been reading exclusively MM genre. My interest is far reaching. From contemporary literature to fantasy. Everything is possible. I don’t need necessarily a happy ending. When my booklovers have managed to get somehow safe, I am happy with it. What I don’t like are books that seem unbelievable to me (and I don’t mean here unbelievable in the fantastic sense). And what doesn’t do it for me is also medical nonsense. I hate badly researched medical topics. Occupational hazard, I think. Books that I don’t like, I will not read to the end. Out of courtesy, I don’t rate them either. I don’t want to hurt anyone, so I assume that it is my problem that I have with this particular book. My taste. My preferences. Not the book itself. My average rating is therefore quite high. There may be some books among my absolute favorites which are perhaps too dark and gritty for some readers. Simple love romances are often too bland for my decadent taste. So don't look at my shelves and roll with your eyes... About taste can't be argued. Either one has it, or not. Mine is really dark ;) English is not my mother tongue and I apologize in advance if my reviews sound funny to your ears and eyes. And herewith I wish you all a really good time and always an exciting book in mind. Enjoy life in all its glory!